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Author Topic: Remove and Install Exhaust System Basic Information - Touring Models  (Read 6420 times)

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Offline HDTechGuy

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  • Torque wrench - setting min. 8 in/lbs - 120 in/lbs
  • Flat head screw-driver
  • Variable size wrenches
  • WD-40
  • Medium size Exhaust expander (Harbor Freight).
  • Put your bike on jiffy stand
  • Remove both saddle bags
  • Un-screw all the worm clamps (20), and remove ALL the heat shields (19, 22) on the right side
  • Remove right side muffler (24). Use WD40 if needed.
  • Loosen, and remove just one bolt (2) that hold the left muffler to the frame; just let it hang loose with one bolt.
  • Remove the flange bolt (6) to open the exhaust support clamp (7).  Loosen the clamp (4) at the end of the cross-over pipe to disengage the left muffler from the exhaust.  Use WD40 if needed.
  • Disconnect both O2 sensor connectors (if applied)
  • Remove all flange nuts (17)
  • Loosen the flange locknut (21) at the exhaust bracket
  • Remove the exhaust. Use WD40 if needed.
It should be required attention to the step orders in this procedure, or you may have a leak, or misalignment.
  • to be continued.


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