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Author Topic: My Go-through-Hell Story and the Cowboy Harley Davidson of Beaumont  (Read 2768 times)

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Offline nomad

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                 If you recently visit this site, you may notice a banner of "Cowboy Harley Davidson of Beaumont" that is about a Harley Dealer that located in Beaumont, Texas, and below the story of why this dealer has a banner on this web site and RidingAcrossUSA.com free of charge for one year.
.....and here is the story! >:D
                 On the way back from CA after riding Route 66 from Chicago, my bike's battery had quit on me just west of San Antonio, TX.  It was a very frustrated situation, as it was late in the afternoon, so I knew that all the HD dealers were closed, and I had no help as San Antonio was many miles away from the broke down location.
                 I decided to call AAA, which I just subscribed before the trip.  The temperature was in high 90s, and my bike was in the open space of a large gas station.  I asked to two maintenance kids to give me a push into a parking space, so I could get out of the way of all the crazy cager drivers. I did have a "pigtail" on my bike, so I asked a battery jump from a customer in the gas station, but somehow there was no connection between the pigtail and the battery. I decided to remove the seat and the battery cover while waiting for AAA.
                After approximately 20 minutes of waiting, a local AAA truck arrived, to make the story short, a battery jump had started my bike right up. It took me another five minutes to reinstall everything back to the bike, and I had to say, I was really afraid that the bike might be over heat.  The oil temp was up to almost 300, and the EITMS was kicked in so hard.
                Finally, I took off on I-10 and head to San Antonio, hoping to find some helps, which I already knew there was none.  It was getting dark, and I was passing San Antonio, and entering into a small town.  Somehow, I still didn't believe that my 2010 ultra limited battery was gone bad, so I decided to pull in a gas station to get some more gas.  In the panicking mode, I told myself that I would ride as long as I could.  I fooled myself to turn off the bike at the gas station.  After filling up the bile, I turned on the ignition switch, the lights were on, but damn it! The same problem had happened. Click click click! the battery did not have enough power to start the bike.  Oh hell!  Around me was several black homeless guys and a black female came to ask me $2 to buy some cigarette. Of course, she was not getting  money from me!  I tried to keep a distance away from these people.
                Again, I called AAA, and I had learned a hard lesson.  AAA told me that they will charge me $35 for the battery jump, as my bike was not covered with AAA under my current policy.  WTH!  I told them that I had signed up for the policy that would cover ALL vehicles.  Here was AAA's explanation, in Florida, I needed to have a policy that covers RV, which will cover motorcycle.  I told them that no one had told anything or mentioned about this kind BS as the time I signed up. All I got was, "sorry!"
                Enough of AAA arguing, I told them go ahead send a service vehicle to me.  A big belly guy shown up within 10 minutes, and he told me that he couldn't jump the bike through the pigtail.  I suggested to him that if he could give me a push, so I can start the bike, then I will pay him the same as AAA had told me.  He agreed.  We tried to move the bike, so it at the top "hill" in the gas station parking lot, so it's easier to gain more momentum.  Surprisingly, I was able to start the bike, so I paid the guy $32, not $35 as he asked, as that's all the cash I had in my pocket at the time.  The guy knew that I was in the hard situation, so he had no complain.  This was "funny"! He told me to get of of this place as far as possible, as this was a bad place.  Phew!
                Here again, I was on the road without knowing what would happen next.  I kept riding until I saw a familiar sign "Harley Davidson".  It was around 10 pm, and there was no way that I would miss this chance.  I pulled in a hotel at the town that appeared "scary" to me at the time.  The name of the hotel was "America Economy Best Hotel".  The receptionist, who was also the owner as all small hotels were owned by Indians from India, told me that she would let me park my bike right out of my room door, and the price was $48 a night after tax and everything.  Wow! The best deal of the trip.  The room was not luxury of course, but not bad at all.  I covered my bike, prayed, slept and hoped for a brighter day.  Funny how, I found that this was a Motel 6, and I thought it was just bought and had a name change.  Exhausted and frustrated!  I slept with a dream full of praying.
               In the next morning, I got up late as the HD dealer was not open until 9.  I hate waiting.  Time was like standing still. I didnt have an old clock with a pendulum, but I could "hear" the tic-toc sound of the clock.  I bet I was the first customer who called them that morning.  DJ was the one who answered the phone, I told him my problem, and asked him whether the dealer had any towing service as I had no way to start the bike.  Too bad that DJ told me that he had no towing service, which I had to smack him later (just kidding).  I decided to load everything back on the bike, and called AAA for towing service.  During the loading, I noticed there were several cleaning people around the hotel, so I asked one of them if he could give me a push, and I would pay him some money.  He agreed!
               Bad luck was still lurking around, the cleaning guy could push my bike fast enough to start.  Finally Gods will had come, the hotel male manager had nice enough to give me a hand, with the bike was moved to the top of the hill, I was able to start the bike. Thanks God!  I was soaked with sweat, but I felt as a thousand pounds was taken off my back. I gave the cleaning guy $10, and took off to the dealer, which was about 1 mile away.
               I pulled in the front door of Cowboy Harley Dealer of Beaumont at around 09:30 am. I found DJ and another young guy, Adam, at the service counter.  I told them that I needed a new battery, and I needed someone to install it for me, as I was so tired.  I also mentioned that my bike was still under factory warranty as it was last than 2 years old.  This was my first Harley, and the warranty would be expired in the next two months, so I really didnt expect any break from this dealer, if they told me that I had to pay several hundred bucks for a new battery.  While DJ checking the bike record, another young man, Brenden appeared and DJ told me that Brendden is the one will installed the battery for me with a charge of $25.  I told them no problem.
               As Brendden was organizing all the tools that he needed to change the battery, I removed the seat, loose the PCV and electrical cables that I was afraid that Brendden might damage them, if he didnt careful.  Brendden was nice and very polite young man; with his help and my poor knowledge, we changed the battery within five minutes.  What an effort!  A little chat with Brendden had told me that this young man would have a successful future with his honesty.  I came inside to see DJ after remounted and packed everything back on my bike.  And this was the verdict, Nick, you dont have to pay anything. You can go now.  Wow! Not that I couldnt afford to pay for the service and part, but what had hit me was the honesty and the integrity of this dealer, especially all these young man, Brenden and DJ.
              Now, you guys know why a banner about the Cowboy Harley Davidson of Beaumont in TX was displayed free of charge, on ALL pages of ALL my web sites.  I said, thanks you, and I told them that their dealer will be displayed on my web site for one year.  For those who are curious, my RidingAcrossUSA.com site has more than 1 million hits a year, so I hope I can do something for my real rescuer.  Thanks much to Cowboy Harley Davidson of Beaumont in TX.  You guys are awesome!
2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited

The World is a book and for those who do not travel read only a page!
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Offline steppenwolf

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You find a good dealer...YOU support them.
Don't let the good times pass you by,grab all you can.

Offline nomad

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Thanks Bill!
They definitely have some good people over there.
Treated me as a friend, not just a stranger, who may not see them again.
I am very glad to stop by this dealer.
2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited

The World is a book and for those who do not travel read only a page!
(Saint Augustine)


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