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Author Topic: Why wearing a full-face helmet if you dont have to?  (Read 4141 times)

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Offline HDfan

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Seriously, I wear helmet most of the time, even my home state does not enforce helmet law to the rider.  But then, something keeps bugging me whenever I hear someone mentioning about a fantastic trip that he or she just finished with his, or her full face helmet on all the time.   What is wrong with me?  Let me tell you that it is even very close making me upset.  Oh yea! I am upset.  Alright, I am calming down, now and please let me vent!

So here it is!  I would like to break the matter down a little bit, in terms of applicable ride style.  I also would like to focus mainly on touring trips.  What I have really meant is the riding distance is longer than a normal ride; a ride from home to the bar for a drink and cruise around town for few miles and ride back home is not counted.  There are two main groups of motorcycles that most people will use to travel for a long distance:  Touring models, and Sport-touring models.  Everyone knows that Sport-touring bike is faster, and smoother than touring bike, but touring bike is more comfort and also as smooth as any personal reference.

So what is the problem thats related to wearing a full-face helmet when I am talking about these two groups of motorcycles?  Before put the things together, I would like to put everything out on the table, so we all can understand and see my point.  I dont know how far your long trip is, but my long trip is always more than a thousand miles.  Riding on any America roads is always my privilege to live in this wonderful country.

Here is my philosophy about touring on a motorcycle around the country, or anywhere in the world as it is a matter of fact.  Imagine you are cruising on the straight, open road with all the lust vegetation around you. The smell of a vast wild flower pasture may be different than what you have experienced in your home town.  What will be a better feeling than leaning on your bike on a twisty road as many roads in this beautiful country, USA, the famous Blue Ridge Mountains, Needle Canyon in Custer, SD, Spearfish Canyon, then Wasatch Front Mountain in UT, Coastal California Highway 1, Yosemite, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetan, Glacier?  There are many, many breathtaking roads, and you probably have to spend a big part of your life to experience most of them.

Let get straight to the point!  You will miss all the beauties on the American roads; you will not smell the flowers blooming along the way, and you may not remember where you have been passed by.  You know why?  Because you have a full face helmet on, and you have been zooming more than 80 MPH trying to get to your destination as soon as possible!  Even if, you cruise at a speed of less than 70 MPH, you still miss all of the above.  The full face helmet is belonged to race track, and it is used for weather inclement situation.  Full face helmet is not for a casual ride, and definitely, it is not for adventurous, exploring bikers.  Alright! You may argue that there are many episodes about motorcycle on the film, TV, and most of the riders have been wearing a full face helmet.  The point is you have been watching is the coming from the cameramen, not from the riders' eyes.  Get it!

I do not care what brand your bike is, but firstly, the full face helmet will block part of your visions, you can call a little more technical, your peripheral.  Full face helmet will also seal out most of the sense and smell from outside, and the most important issue is a full face helmet will stop the wind blow through your face, of course and your hair.  What is the point of riding a motorcycle without wind blowing, even on and over your bald head?  A speed above 80 MPH will put almost everything behind your head that your eyes will not have a chance to absorb all the lights, colors, and the beauty of the nature.  All you do at the speed above 80 MPH is staring straight ahead hoping there is nothing will cross over in front of your path.

Why did I bring the sport-touring bike in this matter?  Because, most riders of this model have worn full-face helmet, and riding fast.  So next time, when you take your motorcycle out, put on a half-face, or helmet, you will see that whether you can handle the wind that is created for bikers.  I do not write this to convince you to put the full face helmet away, but rather to share with you what you may have missed out for those wonderful rides!  Bring both with you, full face and half face!  They are made for their own purposes.  Or, one of the other best choices is to buy a multifunction helmet as one of the Harley Davidson helmets; with this kind of helmet, just press of a button and you can convert from full-face to face helmet.  I also do not try to convince you not to discover this country with a sport-touring motorcycle, and again, life is too short, so enjoy every millisecond you have, especially when you are on the road!

Cheer, ride safe and have fun!

Note:  Your comment is always welcome!

Offline h01waterman

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Re: Why wearing a full-face helmet if you dont have to?
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2011, 09:36:32 AM »
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  • I got into a wreck a few years ago. A delivery truck made a left turn in front of me, cutting me off. I had on a "Half Helmet" For the head damage I had broken cheeks, sinues, and nose. To this day I have frequent headaches. This has encouraged me to wear a Modular helmet. I do pop it open when the sun is at a low angle or I get stopped  at a light. I even do it when it is nice and clear.  It was nice to wear a half helmet and get the breeze, my experience is that the full face helmet will actually extend my enjoyment as the wind drys my contacts and now my ears are better protected from the wind noise. It makes a HUGE increase in comfort to me. It is great to hear about people riding no matter what they choose to wear. Isn't great to ride for fun as opposed to looking cool or fitting am image?

    Offline gottaride

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    Re: Why wearing a full-face helmet if you dont have to?
    « Reply #2 on: January 18, 2011, 11:04:51 PM »
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    It is great to hear about people riding no matter what they choose to wear. Isn't great to ride for fun as opposed to looking cool or fitting am image?

    Well said!  I ride and dress the way that I enjoy.
    I hope you will be better everyday.  Riding is also the best therapy! :)
    2010 "Sweet" Fat Boy


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